Clean Up FAQ

The following are commonly asked questions about the claims process.  If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please email me and I will include it in this section for future reference.




What are some hidden signs of water damage?

Although walls and ceilings may look dry after a flood, water (in most cases) has entered behind the walls.

Using a moisture meter will determine if you have moisture behind the walls. If you have moisture behind the walls, there is almost a guarantee that you will have mold in the future (often within 36 to 72 hours). Unknown wet insulation is also a great place for odors and mold growth.

Please don’t forget that water damages computers as well. Office equipment, paper files, furniture, art work, and musical instruments all might look dry on the outside but might contain unwanted moisture creating future permanent damage.


Can water damage cause mold?


How does the water removal process work?


How can I help speed the repair of my home or business after a storm or flood?


What is air drying?


What is dehumidification?


Does my flood policy pay for your water damage extraction and drying services?


What is a Drying Log?